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27 - 28 Oct 2021



Atsiri Research Center
Universitas Syiah Kuala

Are proud to invite national and international academia, researchers, policymakers, professionals and other stakeholders to join us at the International Conference On Patchouli and Essential Oil Research and Innovation 2021 (IConPEORI-2021)


DATE 27 until 28 October 2021

LOCATION Banda Aceh, Indonesia

SPEAKERS 12 Professional Speakers


The essential oil business has grown significantly over the past decade and has not slowed down since the onset of COVID-19. In fact, it seems more and more people are turning to this oil for its calming, immune-boosting and disinfecting properties to help deal with pandemic stress.

Patchouli essential oil derived from the Pogostemon cablin Benth plant is in high demand and has wide applications in flavors, fragrances, cosmetics, luxury products, the food and beverage industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. The versatile nature and applications of essential oils highlight their importance in the global market.

As the largest patchouli oil exporting country, Indonesia has an advantage over the global patchouli oil market with focused programs to promote new patchouli cultivation strategies with its wide geographic area and the oil processing innovation technology is expected to become the largest patchouli oil producer in the post-pandemic world.

We are proud to invite national and international academia, researchers, policymakers, professionals and other stakeholders to join us at the International Conference On Patchouli and Essential Oil Research Innovation 2021 (IConPEORI-2021) which will be held from October 27-28, 2021 in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. The conference is hosted by ARC PUI PT Nilam, Universitas Syiah Kuala (USK). The aims are to elaborate research and innovation between academicians and practitioners around the world in the agriculture and bioindustry of essential oil fields, and to exhibit the history and the culture of Aceh. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Banda Aceh.


IConPEORI 2021 theme is
“Research and Innovation in Improving the Quality of
Patchouli and Essential Oil Products in A Post-pandemic World”.

The conference topic includes but is not limited to:


IConPEORI 2021 is hosted by the Atsiri Research Centre (ARC) Universitas Syiah Kuala. The conference will be held on October 27-28, 2021 in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

Full paper submission deadline: October 20, 2021
Full paper acceptance notification: October 25, 2021
Registration and payment deadline: October 25, 2021
Final manuscript deadline: October 25, 2021
Conference date: October 27 - 28, 2021
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In consideration of COVID-19, the IConPEORI-2021 organizing committee is committed to taking into account the current development of the spread of the virus as your safety is our top priority.

For those attending the conference on the conference site, depending on the pandemic situation updates, we will implement the prevention protocols as recommended by the Rector of Universitas Syiah Kuala and the World Health Organization.

If there are notification and travel restrictions from the area to the conference site, the participant may ask for a virtual or online presentation that will be valuable and engaging for both presenters and attendees.

Keynote Speakers

We are bringing you the perfect combination of content and experience to ignite your
heart equip your mind and spark your skill.

foto Harlinda Kuspradini

Prof. Harlinda Kuspradini Universitas Mulawarman, INDONESIA

foto Prof Rina Sriwati

Prof. Dr. Rina Sriwati UUniversitas Syiah Kuala, INDONESIA

foto Miguel Elias

Prof. Miguel Elias Evora University, PORTUGAL

foto Tohru Mitsunaga

Prof. Tohru Mitsunaga Gifu University, JAPAN

foto Ben Greatrex

Dr. Ben Greatrex University of New England, AUSTRALIA


foto pak Mudatsir

Dr. Mohamad Rafi, M.Si.

Institut Pertanian Bogor

foto pak Khairan

Dr.rer.nat Khairan, M.Si

Universitas Syiah Kuala

foto pak Achris

Prof. İsa TELCİ

Isparta University


The conference invites academics, researches, policymakers, professional and other stakeholders to give opportunities to meet establish networking among participants as well as to increase of the importance of living and working in a manner that enhance the economic, environmental and social well being of our community and share the achievement of the work.

The official language of the conference is in English and expected delegates from around the world to participate and attend the conference. This conference is highly exciting and challenging and is intended to be a forum for the international community and stakeholders for discussion, ideas exchange, building and strengthening the connection and partnership, and sharing the achievement of the work.


Time left until the conference start

27 to 28 October 2021



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For students (presenter and non-presenter), it is a mandatory to attach a proof of the student ID card.

All bank charges are to be borne by the participant. Payments made are NOT refundable.

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